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Seminar on Astroparticle Physics Summer 2011


General information:

The seminar will take place every friday at 10:00 (c.t.) in Konferenzraum I (1st floor) in the Physikalisches Institut.

Dates and topics:

  • 15.04.2011 No seminar

  • 22.04.2011 No seminar
  • 29.04.2011 No seminar
  • 06.05.2011 Seminar moved to a later date
  • 13.05.2011 Observational evidence for Dark Matter
    Speaker: Daniel Kröll
    Supervisor: Eckhard von Törne
  • 20.05.2011 Production of Dark Matter in the Early Universe
    Speaker: Daniel Schmeier
    Supervisor: Arindam Chatterjee
  • 27.05.2011 Dark Energy
    Speaker: Clemens Wieck
    Supervisor: Manuel Drees
  • 03.06.2011
  • 10.06.2011 High Energy Neutrino Astronomy
    Speaker: Marcel Usner
    Supervisor: Marek Kowalski
  • 24.06.2011 Gamma Ray Bursts & Quantum Gravity
    Speaker: Inke Jürgensen
    Supervisor: Marek Kowalski
  • 01.07.2011 Primordial abundance of light elements & theoretical predictions
    Speaker: Kian Salimkhani
    Supervisor: Manuel Drees

Preparing your talk:

You should start browsing the literature as soon you know your topic. The final scope and literature for your topic will be decided with your supervisor 3 weeks before your talk. You are given the chance of a rehearsal with your supervisor no later than 1 week before your talk.


You can give your presentation using the blackboard or projector. If you want to use the projector, you will need to send the slides as PDF to your supervisor the day before the presentation.