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IceCube C M.G. Aartsen et al (2013)

PINGU Sensitivity to the Neutrino Mass Hierarchy

In: arXiv:1306.5846 [astro-ph.IM] , IceCube and PINGU Collaborations .

The neutrino mass hierarchy is one of the few remaining unknown parameters in the neutrino sector and hence a primary focus of the experimental community. The Precision IceCube Next Generation Upgrade (PINGU) experiment, to be co-located with the IceCube DeepCore detector in the deep Antarctic glacier, is being designed to provide a first definitive measurement of the mass hierarchy. We have conducted feasibility studies for the detector design that demonstrate a statistically-limited sensitivity to the hierarchy of 2.1 sigma to 3.4 sigma per year is possible, depending on the detector geometry (20 to 40 strings) and analysis efficiencies. First studies of the effects of systematic and theoretical uncertainties show limited impact on the overall sensitivity to the hierarchy. Assuming deployment of the first array elements in the 2016/17 austral summer season a 3 sigma measurement of the hierarchy is anticipated with PINGU in 2020.