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Master and PhD thesis topics available!


We have Postodc and PhD positions open for Supernova Cosmology!

Also, we have several interesting Master and Bachelor thesis topics to offer:
Design and construction of a laser calibration system for the SNIFS-spectrograph mounted on the University Hawaii 2.2 meter telescope used by the Supernova-Factory. This in-situ calibration device will allow to make Supernova observations of unprecedented precision.

Development of an automated Supernova search for the La-Silla-Schmidt and ROTSE teelscopes. These telescopes are used to perform the optical follow-up of neutrino bursts detected by IceCube and will also provide Supernova for the Supernova-Factory.

Simulation of a novel neutrino detector concept that will provide unprecedented sensitive to proton decay as well as to MeV neutrinos from Supernovae. The concept foresees an instrumented megaton of ice, embedded into the IceCube neutrino detector.

For more information on the research topics contact Prof. M. Kowalski.